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Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Dear fellow military spouses and moms,

Life in this unique role we play is not always easy. We sometimes struggle to find ways to make it all work: balancing personal pursuits with life in the military, playing dual (or dueling) parenting roles during long deployments, poorly timed trainings and frequent late nights and short weekends. But today we salute you for keeping the family together, juggling the impossible and often, even keeping your soldier spouse fed, clothed and emotionally supported. It’s not an easy job, but today, we celebrate you. It’s hard work and you look fabulous doing it.

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Living in a military community near a large post we often forget and overlook all the special "military support" days because we spend our daily lives supporting the military. Instead of just skipping over yet another occasion to celebrate, find a moment to say thank you to your fellow military spouses. Not just because they support their soldier, but also because without them, your life might be a little less fantastic.

Take the time to say thank you today—not just because they support the soldiers, but because they support you, too.

Without my own “comrades in arm,” deployments would feel longer, bureaucracy more annoying, and the day-to-day issues and vocabulary that much more confounding. We are a tribe. A wacky, chaotic, sleep-deprived, new mom tribe; and I am beyond thankful that I am surrounded by military spouses who are strong, kind, generous and fabulous women. Take the time to say thank you today—not just because they support the soldiers, but because they support you, too.

There are plenty of ways to say thank you. The simplest is to just pick up the phone, write a short note or send a wacky e-card. The National Military Family Association also has a few available.

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Many military communities offer special "night out" events. Take the kiddos to have fun while you go out and celebrate with the girls. Have dinner, get your nails done or just grab a coffee and spend time together. Nurturing your friendships away from the kids is just as important as the well-loved kiddo/mommy playdate.

Sure, a plate of cookies or a thank-you gift card are all great ideas, but often the most simple messages are the best. Don’t forget to thank the military spouses in your life today! Who knows what sort of laundry predicament the U.S. might be in without them.

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