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Does Your Home Suffer From 'Stupid Husband Syndrome'?

Buying power usually lies in the hands of the mom in the family—that's a fact. We are the ones who are up to speed on the latest trends, the biggest sales, and the most practical buys for our brood. But does it mean that advertisers have to use our husbands as the butt of their jokes to draw us in? If you believe what you see on television, all men are pretty much stupid all the time—especially husbands. And apparently, that makes us women want to buy things.

Perhaps the trend is to try and get us women to relate on some level that our men don't know what they are talking about—and we do. These advertisements are geared toward us, and I'm not sure whether to be offended or laugh. You be the judge. Here are just handful of many examples that can be found on daytime television and beyond.

Huggies Commercial—Spaghetti Night With Five Kids

image via YouTube

Can dads handle the mess that comes at dinner time—without moms there to help them clean up the mess? Huggies tests the theory that nothing is possible without mom home, and sets up a handful of dads for failure as they are faced with (heaven forbid) dirty faces and dirty diapers. Gasp. Also, have you noticed how disheveled and sloppy these dads look? Why!?

Discover Card

image via YouTube

Yes, Discover Card has late payment forgiveness—awesome in today's messed up marketplace. But did they really have to portray a wife blaming a missed payment on her husband? In this gem, not only did the husband forget to pay the monthly credit card bill, but he also went out for milk and brought home a new puppy. You can see him in the background fumbling with the little floppy mutt, while the wife is on the phone explaining to the operator how dumb her husband can be sometimes.

Life's Bleachable Moments

image via YouTube

Think again before you "allow" your husband to take the kids to the park. These guys will be too busy talking shop, or cars in this case, to pay attention to a preschooler's number two potty needs. Watch out dudes, it's not the babies that smell. It's your child. Bring on the bleach. Note one of the dads is wearing socks with sandals, just for the added effect.

Moms, what are your takes on this continued marketing trend, and can you spot any similar ads?

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