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Celebrity Mom Watch: Kim Kardashian

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

Kim Kardashian has done something terrible. I thought Kim K’s maternity fashion was a crime against humanity but she’s gone and done something even worse: She’s made me defend her. Up until now, I was more likely to play professional football than join Team Kim K but here I am, like a Kardashian advocate.

You see, ever since Kim had her baby daughter, it seems like everyone from the press to her fans have it out for her. And let’s face it, she’s made herself an easy target. After all, she wore a peplum far longer than a pregnant lady should, and she named her daughter North West, for goodness sake. Still, I’m prone to think a brand new mom shouldn’t be judged for anything she does, since I’ve never met a gal who was at her best the first 12 months of her kiddo's life.

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But the latest press and fodder seems to be totally focused on how much help Kim has with her baby. It appears that Kim has broken a cardinal rule of mommying—she’s hired a baby nurse. That means she’s not doing everything herself, which to many new moms is like a crime against motherhood. In this case, the culprit wore Louboutins.

I have a confession to make. With both my kids I had a baby nurse, and I loved it. I kissed the ground that baby nurse walked on. She made it possible for me to physically and mentally recover from childbirth, and she taught me how to do pretty much everything in relation to my kids. She allowed me to get some sleep at night and got both my kids on schedules long before she left. She was patient and kind and took care of the kids, and me. As far as I’m concerned, there was no downside except that she couldn’t stay forever.

We seem awfully quick to judge other moms (famous or not) for getting the help they need to do the best job they possibly can.

But other moms had an opinion on me having a baby nurse. Everyone seemed to have something to say about it (right up until the point when they asked if they could hire her). It’s as if we moms think there is some competition for which mom does the most work, like our tombstone will read, “She did everything for her children without any help.” And we, as moms, seem awfully quick to judge other moms (famous or not) for getting the help they need to do the best job they possibly can.

Generations ago, a new mom may have had her own mom live with her or come stay for months at a time to help with a newborn. Nowadays, most of us don’t do that. We’re on our own and doing it alone. So isn’t a baby nurse or a nanny just a way of recreating support and family? If so, I’m in. As a mom I can use all the help I can get. Otherwise, it’s just me doing it alone. Maybe Kim K is more like us than not; just a new mom trying to get the help, support and much needed sleep she needs.

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For the record, I think it’s great if Kim Kardashian has a baby nurse, or a nanny. In fact, I think it’s great if anyone gets the help they need to do the best job they can. A mom who does it all alone isn’t guaranteed to get the (nonexistent) “Mom of the Year Award,” nor is a mom with help an automatic candidate for “Worst Mom in History” (also nonexistent). The truth is there are no guarantees when it comes to parenting. There’s just a bunch of sleep-deprived ladies trying to do the best they can with what they’ve got, staff or not.

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