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When I Knew I Was Really a Mom

Being a parent comes in many stages. First there’s, “I think I’m pregnant.” Then comes the, “take the pregnancy test at home” stage. Then “go to the doctor and get it verified because you never know” part. Then the, “slowly see your belly grow as morning sickness begins." But it’s not until you actually deliver that little bundle of joy that it all becomes real. From birth to helping the kid move out on his own, there’s a lot of moments that make you realize, "OMG, I’m truly a parent." Here are a few of mine:

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1. I joined a playgroup. Well, actually, two, so I didn’t go crazy “talking” to my baby who just lied there on the ground. Adorable, yes. Great conversationalist, not quite yet.

2. I’ve had every bodily fluid on me all in one day. Puke. Snot. Poo. Pee. Things I never ever thought would end up on me. Let alone all in one day! And yet, I still loved the little person who caused it all and even made him feel OK about it happening in the first place.

3. I could be woken up at the oddest hours of the night, all night, every night. And I’m still sweet and loving to the person who’s made me the most tired person ever! That would not have been my state of mind pre-parenthood.

4. I found myself thinking stinky feet were actually cute. OK, yes, they’re tiny little kid feet. So I’m sure as they become older stinky feet, they’ll lose their charm. At least I hope!

I’m just extremely emotionally exhausted and tired.

5. I’ve been driven to such sheer exhaustion I cry. For no real reason, other than I’m just extremely emotionally exhausted and tired, all at the same time. And I happily go through it again and again, every day.

6. Little people follow me into the bathroom. Whether I’m on the toilet or in the shower, it doesn't matter; and then they have actual conversations with me. I used to insist on being alone to do these things.

7. I read the silliest—and sometimes most boring—books, over and over and over. But I actually love it for the sheer look of joy on my child’s face.

8. I never leave the house without drinks and snacks. Ever!

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9. Talking to the person in the backseat couldn’t get more interesting. Even if it includes superhero or video game discussions.

10. Hearing “I love you more than the whole world” never gets old. Ever.

When did you "know" you were a parent?

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