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Kardashian Pic Triggers Internet's Car Seat Management Experts

Photograph by Getty Images

I’m going to do something I never thought I’d do. I’m going to defend Kim Kardashian. Because the Internet is giving Saint and North’s mom a serious case of mom shame, and I’m just not having it. Neither should you.

See, the other day Kim posted an adorable photo of her son Saint sitting in his car seat. You know the photo. Every mom has taken a similar photo of her little cutie looking adorable in the car. We’ll call it the cute car seat photo, and it’s about as innocent as cotton candy or unicorns.

But the Internet missed the point entirely and went straight for the car seat jugular. It took Kim to task because her 18-month-old son was sitting in a forward facing car seat. California law (where Kim lives) requires kids to sit rear-facing until the child is either 2 years old, 40 or more pounds, or 40 or more inches tall. In theory, we should all be concerned about the welfare of anyone’s child. But just because you have an Internet connection and a Facebook account doesn’t make you an expert in car seat management.

And, it doesn’t give anyone the right to be snarky or mean. Much of Kim’s car seat detractors were both snarky and mean (imagine!).

If you’re thinking, “Well, Kim should have her under-2-years-old child in a rear-facing car seat since Kim lives in California,” you might be right. Maybe. But, who knows where the photo was taken? Kim and Saint may not have been in California at the time. And, last I checked Kim’s Facebook post, she didn’t post her son’s height and weight in anticipation of a bunch of critics tearing apart an otherwise totally adorable mom moment.

Photograph by Facebook

The reason you and I should care is because mom’ing is a grueling job, whether you’re you, me or Kim Kardashian. Here Kim is, a seemingly involved and proud mom, and people are calling her out for her car seat installation. It seems like Kim can’t win for losing. It’s a feeling most moms have felt dozens of times in our parenting careers. We’re criticized and judged for something that others know nothing about (See also: To the Parents Who Give Their Kids iPads in Restaurants). Or we're judged for innocent parenting mistakes that we all have made (See also: Attachment Parenting My Baby Was Unhealthy and a Mistake). And we all will.

So if Kim’s car seat is in fact in California and is installed incorrectly, it’s safe to assume that a kind relative or friend will politely whisper in her or Kanye’s ear, “Hey you may wanna turn that seat around until the little guy is older.” But the last thing any mom needs is a bunch of haters jumping on the bandwagon and taking her down.

Motherhood is hard enough. None of us needs a bunch of arm chair (or car seat) experts making it harder. Now, let’s talk about how cute Kim’s little guy is. Go!

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