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I've Got Baby Gear Fever

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Thanks to the birth of my nephew six months ago, my baby fever has completely spiked, and I'm pretty much having nothing but baby thoughts all day long. When I have a spare moment to putz around on the Internet, you can find me at the Baby Gap page, marveling at all of the teeny, tiny outfits and sweet little rompers. If my husband and I run into Toys 'R' Us to get something for my two stepchildren, he knows it's a requirement that we at least take a walk through the baby aisles so I can gush over every Aden & Anais receiving blanket the store has, and then try out every recliner in the store—preferably with a stuffed animal in my arms to gauge how high the arms of the chair have to be.

I know, I know. It's a sickness. That's why it's called BABY FEVER.

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My husband and I have a, ahem, plan in action and are trying to cure the baby fever. In the meantime, I've done a little bit of research on things I'd like to know about, such as breast-feeding and cloth diapering. I haven't done as much research as I want to, only because I'm worried it will spoil the fun. Is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard? I want to wait until I'm truly pregnant, with an estimated due date and two pink lines and everything before I start getting into serious "baby research."

That desire, however, did not stop me from buying a high chair the other day.


Here's the thing about this high chair though: I had to have it. Like had to. When my husband and I have talked about babies, nurseries and all of the baby "gear" we want to one day own, a very specific high chair has always been on my list. From what I've read online, it's called the "Jenny Lind" high chair, but I could be wrong. It's vintage-looking, with lovely spindles making up the chair support and is made completely of wood. No huge plastic trays and no plastic, pastel padding either.

So when I saw it for sale in my town with a sticker of $20? You guys. My husband had no chance.

I'm a big fan of anticipation, and the thought of waiting until I know there's a baby on its way to buy stuff makes me giddy.

Of course, when I brought it home I was faced with the problem of storing it. Where on earth am I supposed to put a fully constructed high chair for the next, oh, maybe nine months? And that's only if I cure this baby fever right away! For a few minutes, I felt like a total idiot. Now I have to stare at this delightful high chair, something a baby won't even use for several months after it's born, and hope that the baby fever is cured before I start weeping all over my first piece of baby gear.

So, naturally, I put it in the corner of the kitchen. It looks right at home.

This hasn't pushed me to start buying all of the baby gear I want, though, I promise! For one thing, this high chair was a total surprise. I would've never found it for $20 again and not an original, vintage piece like I was looking for. Buying this was spur-of-the-moment, but I can't imagine going out and buying bibs or burp cloths on clearance. I'm a big fan of anticipation and the thought of waiting until I know there's a baby on its way to buy stuff makes me giddy. It's like waiting until there's Christmas music pumping through the mall before buying the very first stocking stuffer; it gets you all excited for the season!

Although, let's be honest, Christmas music starts in August now.

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So, until I have a guaranteed baby fever cure, I shall not buy any more baby gear. Unless it's a total one-of-a-kind piece. And then, you know, I'll have to make room in the kitchen corner.

Did you buy baby gear before you were pregnant? Are you planning on stockpiling sale or clearance items before you get those two pink lines?

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