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Win the Revolutionary New 4moms High Chair and a Love Child Organics Food Bundle!

Mealtime no longer has to be the time of day you dread the most, thanks to this amazing giveaway worth $450!

4moms High Chair ($300) - Be one of the first to own the highly coveted and revolutionary new 4moms High Chair, which features an ingenious magnetic tray with corresponding plates and bowls so there's no way Baby can pick them up and hurl them on the floor. Magnetic latches also make it super easy to slide the tray on and off—no more fiddling with pesky buttons and latches! An added bonus: It's the most stylish high chair we've ever seen, sure to seamlessly fit into the rest of your grown-up furniture. That's what we call a win-win!

Love Child Organics Food Bundle ($150) - Having healthy, on-the-go food ready to take with you at a moment's notice is a total mom lifesaver which is why we love the nutritious (and delicious) purees and snacks from Love Child Organics. From veggie, fruit and protein-packed pouches to rice cakes and oat bars filled with superfoods, you can rest assured knowing Baby is getting the best of both worlds.

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