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Win an Amazing $440 Skip Hop Mom and Baby Bundle!

A day in the park is a breeze, thanks to this awesome bundle from one of our favorite baby brands, Skip Hop! From a blanket that folds and zips up into itself, to adorable toys and a nap-happy stroller sleep shade, they've got you covered with everything you could possibly need for a sunny day outdoors! And we really can't get over that amazingly chic diaper backpack! The best part? Everything is as stylish as it is functional! This is a 14-piece bundle worth over $440—that's not to be missed!

Bundle includes:

Duo Signature Triangles Diaper Bag, $65

Central Park Blanket, Triangles, $45

Pronto Changing Station, Triangles, $30

Grab & Go Bottle Bag, Triangles, $15

Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bag, Triangles, $15

Wipes Case, $8

Saddle Bag, $25

Stroll & Go Sun & Sleep Shade, $30

Chelsea Downtown Diaper Backpack, $100

Stroller Organizer, Chevron, $23

Alphabet Zoo Stroller Bar Toy, $20

E&M Rocking Owl Stacker, $16

E&M Rolling Owl Push Toy, $25

E&M Musical Instrument Set, $25

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