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Win an Incredible $500 Belly Bandit Maternity Bundle!

Let's be real, mamas, we could all use a little extra support during pregnancy and the postpartum days. Lucky for us, Belly Bandit is here to save the day with an incredible maternity package of shapewear, belly bands, belly wraps and nursing wear. Seriously, they've thought of it all! The best part is that all of the items can be used from the start of pregnancy to post-baby, ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

Belly Shield ($30) - A companion piece to their belly wraps, the belly shield is worn under the wrap and helps protect your skin, thanks to Belly Bandit's completely genius WonderWeave fabric which allows you to put moisturizer on your stomach without getting it all over your shirt (because gross)!

B.D.A. Leggings ($45) - Stretchy leggings are a staple in any mom-to-be's closet and they don't get better than this! They're made to adjust to the ups and downs of pregnancy at every stage and are so versatile you can even wear them postpartum. (And trust us, why would you want to wear anything else?)

Preggo Support Tank ($60) - This tank is also made of the awesome WonderWeave fabric, letting your skin stay moisturized and fabulous! There's also built-in belly support for your growing baby.

Upsie Belly Band ($70) - The band that grows with you as your stomach grows, the Upsie Belly band provides amazing support so that the weight of your belly will be more comfortable for your back during day-to-day life. It also comes with a hot/cold gel pack for you to use with the band after delivering your baby!

Bandita Bra ($47) - This incredible comfortable nursing bra has easy snaps and removable pads to make breastfeeding (and sleeping) a breeze!

BDA Bra ($37) - No clasps, snaps or buttons, this super comfy bra is meant to grow with your cleavage and is perfect as a nursing bra!

Bamboo Belly Bandit ($70) - Known as their "comfiest and coziest wrap," this bamboo belly wrap will help to minimize your post-baby tummy, minimize stretch marks, help keep your core strong and even minimize stretch marks! It's also awesome if you end up having a C-section to keep the abdominal area supported during recovery.

Mother Tucker Nursing Tank ($80) - Super soft and breathable, this nursing tank was made without uncomfortable underwires and also has some of that magical Belly Bandit compression in it to flatten the tummy, muffin top and back bulge that all moms know so well.

Mother Tucker Shorties ($60) - Shapewear that doesn't roll, pinch or pull? Hallelujah!

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