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Win $250 Worth of Awesome Baby Bath Essentials!

Bath time with an adorable squishy baby is pretty much the best. So whether you're clueless about what your baby will need for bath time or just want a bathroom refresh, we've got your covered with this amazing giveaway (worth $250)!

Summer Infant My Baby Deluxe Bare Essentials Bath and Massage Set ($70) - Your baby will feel like they took a trip to the spa with this amazing new tub that features a warming waterfall bath, a cushioned backrest and even a clip-on newborn support bolster so you can start using it right away! It also comes with a warming bib and washcloth, a rinse cup and cup holder, and a plush massage pad with an accompanying baby massage app, so you'll just just how to relax Baby to sleep.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe 3-Pack ($35) - After their soothing bath and baby massage, wrap your precious bundle up in one of these oh-so-cozy swaddles to keep them snug and warm while they slumber. And how cute are those patterns?!

Babyganics Bath (and Beyond!) Items ($150+) - This incredible bundle of Babyganics items has everything you could possibly need: shampoo and body wash, bubble bath, eczema cream, baby lotion, hand soap, mineral sunscreen, natural insect repellent, laundry detergent, sunscreen stick, dish and bottle soap, and even diapers and wipes (which we can never have too many of)! All products use plant-based ingredients that are completely nontoxic and gentle on Baby's sensitive skin.

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