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Win an Awesome The Beach People Bundle Worth $510!

Sometimes going to the beach with kids seems like more hassle than it's worth. Lucky for us, The Beach People are here to save the day with this amazing (and stylish!) bundle of beach goodies. From the cutest beach cart you'll ever see, to gorgeous beach towels, they've got you covered for some major fun in the sun!

Beach Cart ($250) - Made of wood and steel, this adorable cart is sure to be a back lifesaver this summer, when you're struggling to haul all your gear and your kids.

Petite Roundie Towels ($160) - These aren't your ordinary beach towels. They're 40 inches in diameter with gorgeous white tassel edging and they're super soft. The sophisticated yet whimsical prints are so pretty, you could even use it in the nursery as a makeshift play space!

Adventure Tote ($100) - Made of canvas with gorgeous leather detailing, this generously sized tote even has two zip bags inside—one for wet items and one for everything else!

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