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Feed Baby in Style With This Incredible Giveaway!

Feeding (or attempting to feed) your baby just got stylish with this amazing package of goodies worth over $400!

Joovy Woodnook High Chair ($199) - Who knew a high chair could be so gorgeous?! We love the modern and clean lines on this wooden chair and especially love how it folds up super compact for easy storage. There's also an adjustable footrest and tray with a—wait for it—dishwasher-safe cover! It works for infants from six months all the way until they're 50 pounds, so even when they're a "big kid," they can use it as a chair at the table.

Brinware Bundle ($95) - If you haven't heard of Brinware yet, you're missing out. We love their silicone-encased glass products; there are no worries about BPAs or even BPA-free chemicals. And the designs and colors available are so fun and whimsical, even we want to eat off these plates! The bundle includes two plates, two placemats and two bibs.

Happy Family Food Bundle ($120) - Whether you're on the go or just need a break from the kitchen, Happy Family is here to help. We love Happy Family's variety of food options for little ones, from delicious and nutritious purees to toddler snacks and even teething bars. This generous package has more than enough to keep your pantry full for a while, including a Happy Family onesie and a shopping bag!

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