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Toddler Talk: Cardboard Doughnuts

My children LOVE pretend play. A few years ago, I built a play kitchen for them mimicked after the one I played with as a child, except I added wainscoting and red paint. We've filled it with play food and small dishes, and it has provided so many hours of play.

The kitchen is plenty full but we are always on the lookout for new items. Since I love to make things, I also look to make things for the kitchen. The best kind of projects are the ones made from things I have laying around the house. That's why cardboard is so cool. It's plentiful, easy to manipulate and can be dressed up all kinds of ways.

Our kitchen needed doughnuts, so we made ourselves a few with cardboard. Here's how you can too!



colored paper


pens, markers, glitter


1. Trace circle shapes onto the cardboard. Make sure to include the middle holes! Then cut them out.

2. Use the cardboard doughnuts to trace the shape onto the colored paper. When you cut these rings out, trim them down both on the outside of the circle and the inside of the circle. You can even make the edges curvy, like real frosting would be.

3. Glue the colored paper ring onto the cardboard doughnut shape.

4. Add the extras! Pens, markers, glitter ... anything to make the doughnuts extra tasty.

5. Even if your children are a little young (like my little guy), the doughnuts have two sides! Let them do one side themselves and then do the other side yourself. Two-sided doughnuts are better than one-sided doughnuts any day.

6. Get to making and then to playing. Enjoy!

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