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WATCH: Toddler Rocks out to Taylor Swift

Question: Are there any out there who haven't pumped up the volume and belted it to Taylor Swift in their car/shower/bedroom—at least once? Yeah, we're betting those numbers are pretty low. After all, the girl has some seriously addictive songs.

And it looks like there's a 2-year-old out there named Matthew who would be inclined to agree with us on that one.

Little Matthew was recently relaxing in his car seat on a ride through town when Swift's hit song "Trouble" came over the radio. Not one to let a good song go uncelebrated (as evidenced by his previously documented dance moves here), Matthew decided to sing along—much to the glee of his mom, who filmed the whole thing from the front seat.

Unfortunately, Matthew only seems to know one word to the chart-topping song: trouble. But hey, it's the only one that matters, right?

Watch as the tot busts out some head nods, hums along with passion, and totally nails those Ooo's and Aaa's:

Image via YouTube

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