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Batkid Saves Pitbull on 'Good Morning America'

Holy encore, Batkid!

Miles Scott, the 5-year-old leukemia patient who saved Gotham City (aka, San Francisco) on November 15 from the likes of the Penguin, got another chance to respond to the Bat signal—this time in New York City.

The Make-a-Wish recipient once again donned his pint-sized Bat gear and headed to the Good Morning America studios today in the real Gotham City, along with his parents, Nick and Natalie Scott.

Who was the little guy saving this time? The rapper Pitbull.

Turns out the Joker had locked him in one of the studio's green rooms, but that padlock and big silver chain was nothing for Batkid. Not only did he save the Feel This Moment rapper, but the Tulelake, Calif., kiddo also got to show off his mad fighting skills.

He even received a video message from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"Hey, Batkid," the mayor said in a recorded message on the show. "Great to welcome another brave crime fighter to the real Gotham—New York City."

Scott, whose leukemia is now in remission, has been battling the disease since he was 18 months old.

And it was the Make-a-Wish Foundation who turned Scott's wish to be Batkid into a reality, organizing a city-wide crime caper with San Francisco's City Hall.

"This has been like the after-party for him," Nick told the GMA hosts about his son's Batkid experiences. "Chemo is all he's ever known."

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