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It's LEGO® DUPLO® Party Time!


LEGO and HouseParty partnered up to help moms like me throw fun LEGO® DUPLO® parties. Ramona and I were sent a box of LEGO goodies (what could be better than Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Planes scenarios?!). We invited our favorite moms and kiddos over for snacks and LEGO play time.

The box arrived a bit before the party so Ramona’s patience was tried keeping those boxes closed. But when the kiddos arrived, and after we had settled into some snack time, we divvied up the LEGO sets amongst the kids and tore into them to start playing! There was a box per kid and two themes (as mentioned: Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Planes) but the little ones were great at sharing the sets so that they could make larger scenes. Except for one older child, all the kids were under three. So the mamas played an important role in helping the babes set up and build the scenes demonstrate how to use the characters within them to have fun. Once they understood that, their imaginations took off!

As parents helping to facilitate but also trying to keep it open for them to explore on their own, we didn’t worry too much about the sets being set up exactly. We outlined the gist of it and then saw them figure out different permutations and combinations of putting the pieces together. There sure were some unique pirate ships and landing strips!

The biggest hits of the sets were the characters: the planes and jake and the pirates and the parrots. They were making noises and interacting using them. Adorable.

With the holidays coming up and lots of little ones on my list, these sets are going to be on there. They’re appropriate for toddler ages and will remain interesting and relevant for kids into elementary school.

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