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Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Kids

Audio Book

Find out what your child’s favorite book is. Cast members of your family or family friends to play the parts of each character. Using a computer microphone, record the book with animated voices. Burn the audio book to a CD. Whether or not you will be available to read the book live every night, your child will have this CD to listen to. Give yourself adequate time to record the book with skill and enthusiasm.

Places to Go

Many kid-friendly establishments offer annual passes at discounted prices. If you, the parents of your child’s friends, or family members will be available to take the kids out, purchase tickets to or an annual pass for one of your child’s favorite places. Check for passes at the zoo, the museum, the aquarium, the local pool, movie theater or the amusement park, depending on your child’s interests.

Edible Gifts

All kids like treats but probably have been told that they should eat them in moderation. On the child’s birthday, at Christmas, Easter or whatever occasion you are celebrating, gift your child a dinner, drink and dessert party buffet. Invite some of your child's friends so that she can enjoy sharing the meal and indulging in her favorite foods. Take care of all the small details, such as colored icing and sprinkles, generous helpings of chocolate sauce, etc. Assemble ingredients for a fun treat & give the gift of time spent assembling it together in the kitchen.

Experience Gifts

Ask your family to give your child “experience gifts.” Understand what your child is interested in and buy him classes in that activity. Whether it be dancing, arts and crafts, swimming lessons or guitar lessons, an “experience gift” might just motivate your child to pick up a positive, confidence-building hobby for a lifetime. A trip to camp could be a worthwhile experience gift too.

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