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Tina, Amy Rock the Golden Globes, as We Knew They Would

Well, it finally arrived: Tiny and Amy Take the Golden Globes, Part 2. And it was glorious.

Aside from the questionable frock Tina graced the red carpet with (what was happening there? Were those flamingoes? We're confused), there were practically no missteps.

First, the comic duo kicked things off with a pretty flawless 10-minute opener, which included, but was not limited to:

  • Amy shouting out "all the women and gay men watching at home," because, well, we all were.
  • Amy accidentally calling Tom Hanks, "Tam Hunks." (OK, not-so-accidentally.)
  • Matt Damon's Hollywood status being likened to that of a "garbage person" by normal-people standards.
  • Some well-deserved wig jokes about Bradley Cooper's hair in American Hustle.
  • A truly hilarious bit with Julia-Louis Dreyfus. (That's all we'll say.)
  • This.
  • Tom Hanks being called out for wearing a prosthetic penis in Saving Mr. Banks (and in real life).
  • High-fives, all around.
  • One totally on-point crack at George Clooney, which we won't ruin for you because it is just that good.

OK, that's enough punchline spoiling. Watch it (or rewatch it) for yourself here:

And despite that truly solid open, Tina and Amy saved some of their best material for later in the night.

Like the time Amy came out dressed like Justin Bieber, claiming to be Tina's illegitimate teenage son, Randy:

Or that part where they gave Leonardo DiCaprio the best (and most accurate) on-stage introduction he will ever have, saying "And now, like a supermodel's vagina, let's all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio." Zing!

Oh, and then there was that unrehearsed, yet cherry-on-top moment when Amy snagged the Best Actress in a TV Comedy award and officially had the best night ever.

And then that moment right after when Tina congratulated Amy's win and simultaneously threw shade at Taylor Swift, teasing, "There's a special place in Hell for you." (For those who didn't get the dig, it was a reference made to Taylor's comments from last year, when she said "There's a special place in Hell for women who don't support other women," after being the butt of one of Tina and Amy's jokes.) Ooo burn!

...Did we mention Amy also made out with Bono?

Oh yes, it was good. And the best part? We get to do it all over again next year, when Tina and Amy host the 72nd Annual Golden Globes! Woo-hoo!

What was your favorite bit from last night?

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