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Katherine Heigl, Will Arnett Talk Parenting and 'The Nut Job'

When it comes to choosing film roles, picking a family-friendly movie is key for parents Katherine Heigl and Will Arnett, who star in the animated film The Nut Job, which opens January 17.

"I just really wanted to be part of something that I could share with my kids," says Heigl, whose daughters are 5 and 1 1/2.

We sat down with Heigl and Arnett for a virtual hangout to talk about the movie, how they balance work with parenthood, and what it was like being away from their kids while filming.

"We're big animated movie watchers," Heigl says. "We pretty much cue something up every night to watch with the kids, so I just thought it would be fun if I was actually in one."

Arnett, whose sons are 5 and 3, agrees. "It is important to me at this stage of my life to do stuff that I can enjoy with my kids, that they can watch."

The Nut Job stars Arnett as Surly, an independent squirrel who has to team up with animals from the park where he was banished to raid a nut store so they'll have enough food for the winter. Heigl stars as Andie, a fellow squirrel who helps Surly with his heist plans.

Check out the above video to see what else they have to say!

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