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Six Questions With Jessica Alba

Photograph by Getty Images

Jessica Alba recently hosted The Honest Company’s second birthday party with co-founder Christopher Gavigan at the company’s Santa Monica, Calif. headquarters. The space is open and bright; you can take a peek inside over at The Coveteur. The birthday bash included music, strings of lights, a kids’ play room, champagne, cake, and the whole range of eco-friendly products, for which Honest is known. Most moms can relate to the desire to make your house safe for your baby; it’s part of nesting. Alba’s company promotes a greener lifestyle, offering products for baby, home and personal care—in part, inspired by the birth of her first daughter, Honor, with husband Cash Warren. I spoke with the entrepreneur and actress about her company and motherhood.

What has been the biggest change in your life as a mom?

Jessica Alba: Everything. Everything’s changed. Nothing’s the same. It’s like a memory.

Of your old life or your old self?

JA: Your perspective—on life and what’s important, what’s not important, what matters.

Do you think the way you view yourself changed, too?

JA: Yes, I was much more narcissistic and much more insecure. Now I just think: Life’s too short, you know? At the end of the day, I want my kids to be confident, happy, free people who aren’t afraid to ask questions; not afraid to try things.

It’s so great to see you in different roles, as the businesswoman you are here, and being a mom. I know that a lot of moms strive for balance. What does balance mean to you and your life?

JA: It changes every day. It’s not perfect and it’s a challenge. I try to not feel bad when I’m at work all day. I know my work is important and it’s a legacy, a calling in life—I can’t just abandon it. Obviously, my children are my priority. But knowing that they are happy, safe, and healthy, I feel like I can be OK and go work. It’s tough. Sometimes I have really long days and I have them consecutively, and I don’t see my kids as much as I want to. So, I try to balance it out with a couple of days when I can just be with them.

We really love your style, especially your red carpet looks. But when you’re home with your girls, do you have a mom outfit?

JA: It depends on the day. If we’re going for a hike, I’ll wear sneakers and workout pants. If I’m going to the park, it will be booties and jeans or ballet flats and boyfriend jeans.

What’s up next with The Honest Company?

JA: Our deodorant is coming out soon—we’ve been working on it a long time. And we’re going into feeding.

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