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Tina Fey Jokes: My Husband was Controlling and Creepy

First there was Sarah Palin, and now ... a Russian prison guard. Tina Fey, the 43-year-old actress and mom of two girls, is a master of funny femme disguises. And in her latest role, as Nadya in Muppets Most Wanted, Fey not only adopts a quirky Russian accent, but the Saturday Night Live alum also sings, dances and competes for Kermit the Frog's love. (Watch out, Miss Piggy!)

And while Fey says her daughters—8-year-old Alice and 2-year-old Penelope—are excited to see the movie, she admitted at a press conference for the film, where Kermit added his own two cents, that her kids aren't letting the role go to her head.

Were you nervous at all about being in a movie musical and singing?

My singing sounds like, if you’ve ever seen the version of Oliver when the little boy sings and you can hear the hiss of how loud they had to turn up the microphone, it’s—my singing sounds like that.

What do you think kids will like most about this movie?

I have kids ... as of this morning I had two. I think they’re gonna like how funny the movie is, because there are a lot of jokes in the movie, and kids who are like 8, 9, 10 years old, they take a lot of pride in getting the jokes. It makes them feel big.

Can you tell us why Nadya, and not Miss Piggy, is the right woman for Kermit?

(In a Russian accent) Nadya is less work than Piggy. You can give Nadya bag of hot rocks for Valentine’s Day—she will not care.

Are there any scenes you're most proud of?

Kermit the Frog: One particular scene stands out to me. It was a closed set. It was the scene where [Tina] licks me. ... I just wanna clear it up right here with the press that Tina is happily married. [Her husband] Jeff [Richmond] was there during the shooting.

Tina Fey: He was—my husband was there. He was being very kind of … controlling and creepy. Kind of a Star 80 thing.

What did it do for your street cred to be able to tell your kids that you were working with the Muppets?

They’re very excited to see the movie, but as far as me being in it, it’s mostly like, you know, "Oh, you’re in the poster. Now you be Queen Elsa [from Frozen]."

Photo by WireImage

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