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6 Ways to Take Your Kids Swimming Without Ever Having to Get in a Swimsuit

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Every summer, moms around the country gasp when they hear these two words: pool party. That’s because no mom really wants to get in the pool. Sure, there’s that one mom who’s doing two-a-days at Pilates, but for the rest of us, we’d prefer to keep our post-baby bods undercover.

But when you’re a mom of young kids, it’s nearly impossible to avoid spending the summer in a swimsuit. That’s because young kids are really too young to swim safely on their own, which means they need an adult in the water with them. Now that it’s summer, I’ve adopted some cheats for taking my kids swimming without ever having to get in a swimsuit myself. You’re welcome.

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1) Floaties for toddlers. My kid’s swim teacher says floaties set kids back from learning to swim on their own, so I reserve my daughter’s floaties for pool parties and vacations when I may feel more comfortable with my pool cover-up on.

2) Let the little ones play on the steps in the pool. When I don’t want to get in a swimsuit, I let the little one play in the parts of the pool in which she can stand. I’m sitting nearby, but don’t have to get in the pool myself.

3) Let swimming be Dad’s thing. Whenever possible, I make the pool “Daddy’s thing." He never seems to complain about getting in a swimsuit.

Sometimes, I’m just not feeling swimsuit ready.

4) Hire a lifeguard for pool parties. We have a pool, which means we often have a lot of kids over to swim. My big one is a really good swimmer, but he’s still just 6 and I always want an adult in the water. I hire a lifeguard when a lot of kids are coming over. It keeps me from having to get in a swimsuit and keeps the kids safe.

5) Babies don’t need to swim. It may seem cute to put your infant in the water, but that means you have to get in too. So if you’re not feeling swimsuit ready just after birthing that infant, don’t get in the pool. Your baby will have no idea they missed out on all that chlorine and splashing.

6) “Forget” your swimsuit. I’m not afraid to admit that there have been plenty of times I’ve “accidentally” not brought my swimsuit to a pool party. Sometimes, I’m just not feeling swimsuit ready. Guilty. My kids either swim with their dad or they don’t swim at all. Somehow they still manage to have a good time.

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And truthfully, there are plenty of times when my kids want to swim and their dad isn’t around, so I have to get in. I’ve tried to stay in shape even after having two kids, but that doesn’t mean I don’t go into a “I want to lose 10 pounds” tailspin the minute it gets warm enough to swim.

The great thing about being a mom is our kids think we are perfect no matter what, including how we look. So when I can’t avoid getting in a swimsuit, I suck it up and suck in. I may be cringing on the inside, but my kids think I look great no matter what. That’s really all that matters.

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