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Best World Cup Commercials to Watch With Your Kids

American football's big game is famous for its great commercials at halftime, but commercials made for this year's World Cup are proving just as fun to watch. If you've been walking away from the TV at halftime or watching games via live-streaming on your phone, you may have missed the ads that soccer fans are buzzing about. Watch these 10 videos with your whole familia!

Nike's animated ad titled "The Last Game" is good enough that you'll wish they'd turn it into a full-length children's movie. Watch soccer idols like Neymar, Rooney, Ronaldo and others go to battle against their man-made clones.

Who can't relate to Hyundai's "Avoidance" ad which features a man simply trying to make it home to watch a recorded game without hearing the final score before he gets there?

Another Hyundai ad, "Boom," predicts a population explosion nine months after the World Cup. Does fútbol passion equate to more passion in the bedroom? I guess we'll find out!

This McDonald's ad has been called "the greatest World Cup commercial" by many; it features ordinary people making extraordinary trick shots, but not one soccer superstar.

Allstate's "Mala Suerte" or "Bad Luck" commercials are funny year-round in English or Spanish, but this hilarious ad titled "Son" points to a unique and mostly untapped demographic: Latin American immigrants with very American children.

ESPN's "Time Zone" commercial is the closest thing to world peace we have, and it's so good, you may get goosebumps toward the end.

Beats by Dr. Dre put out a commercial titled "The Game Before The Game" featuring Neymar, Chicharito and several other players. This one is so emotionally heavy, it feels more like a film than an ad.

British newspaper "The Sun" put out this ad titled "#DoUsProud" for England's national team, but the creative and impressive effort—reportedly filmed in only one take—is worth a watch for any soccer fan.

If we're going to talk about commercials that serve to cheer on the national team, then we can't leave out Banco de Chile's incredibly moving commercial featuring the Chilean miners that will have you cheering “Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le!,” and then grabbing a tissue to wipe away a tear or two.

Could the greatest World Cup commercial ever star a soccer player who didn't make the team? After watching this EA Sports ad titled "Always in The Game" featuring U.S. soccer player Landon Donovan, you'll know the answer. (And make sure you watch all the way to the end for an outtake that will make you laugh out loud.)

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