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8 Ways I’m Spending Like Kim Kardashian for My Kid’s Party

It seems like just yesterday Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby was the most anticipated fetus in the world. Now, she's not even an infant anymore. North West is growing up. In fact, she's just turned 1. That means a big celebration. And since Kim and Kanye don't do anything without a marching band parade, People magazine reports that North West had a first birthday party worthy of a queen. At such an extravagant cost, it might as well have been a party for an actual queen.

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Since Kim Kardashian also doesn't do anything without a ton of backlash, she's catching a lot of grief from haters who think the party is way too much to spend on a 1-year-old. And while I agree that it's a lot to spend on a child, it's not too much to spend on a mom, which is exactly who a first birthday party is for.

You see, up until our kids can remember their birthdays and holidays, we're celebrating for ourselves. Our babies won't remember their first birthday and will probably sleep through most of the party, but we will remember her birthday. So if I had Kim's budget, here's what I'd do to create the first birthday party of my (baby's) dreams.

  1. Location: Kim's House. If I've got Kim K's budget, then I want her house as well. I have a feeling it's bigger than mine with a much better view.
  2. Food: Catered by not me. A party never feels like a party when you're the one doing all the work. And while my baby may still be learning to love mushy solids, I'm learning to love a gorgeous buffet made by someone other than me. This time, I'm having seconds.
  3. Guest List: My friends. Sure, my baby's buddies are welcome, but my friends are the real stars of the day. They've helped me through a long and exhausting year getting used to motherhood and now we're going to celebrate together!
  4. Gifts: Yes, for me! It's adorable to give a 1-year-old a new romper or that wood train set, but it's even more adorable to give me some jewelry. The baby didn't wake up five times in the night to change diapers, I did.
  5. Party Favors: No kid stuff, please. No parent needs one more party goody bag filled with broken crayons and a ball that doubles as a choking hazard. Since my kid's party is for me, my friends are walking away with a monogrammed bracelet with the date on it. Or better yet, they're getting a frame with a photo taken at the party.
  6. Photos: Hire a photographer! This day doesn't call for selfies and iPhone snaps. Today calls for a professional photographer worthy of a star. The photographer will have only one requirement: Make me look thin in every photo. Totally worth that cash.
  7. Music: No kids' music class here! It's always a lovely idea to have your kid's music teacher come play at the party until the babies crawl away and the parents are left singing "Wheels on the Bus" just to be polite. So at my kid's party, we're having a DJ and some dancing. The kids can sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" next year.
  8. Drinks? Yup. And not the kind that come in a juice box. A baby's first birthday is a milestone for the parents, so at my kid's party, we're popping champagne. I'm sure Kanye did, too.

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Hey that was fun, but now we've got to get busy. North West's second birthday is less than a year away.

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