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Taylor Swift Sings to Cancer-Stricken Boy

Taylor Swift sings to cancer-stricken boy

If you didn't already love you some Taylor Swift, you will now. A video of the singer's impromptu duet with a little boy has been going viral since yesterday — and it's the sweetest thing ever.

The singer swung by Boston Children's Hospital on Sunday, Aug. 3, after hearing the story of one very brave 6-year-old: Jordan Lee Nickerson. At just 9 months old, little Jordan was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, which he's been battling ever since. But recently, he faced another blow when he was diagnosed with leukemia. After hearing about Jordan's brave battle, Taylor decided to pay the little guy a visit on the very day he was due to receive chemo treatments. Her arrival, needless to say, was a total shock to the mini-fan and instantly lifted his spirits.

"I didn't know you were coming!" Jordan can be heard saying on a video taken of the visit.

"We wanted to surprise you!" says Ms. Swift.

After chatting back and forth, Taylor then whips out her guitar and starts singing her 2012 hit “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” as Jordan joins in and hospital staff huddle in the doorway, not wanting to miss a thing.

Watching Jordan dance and sing along with Taylor — in his adorable Spider-man tee, no less — will touch your heart.

Swift's hospital visit wasn't the only good deed she made in the last week. Apparently, the singer reached into her wallet and pulled out $90 to give to a fan in Central Park, just so she could go to Chipotle.

That's a whole lotta burritos!

Photo via YouTube

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