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Why Can’t We Leave Beyonce and Her Family Alone?

There's been a seemingly endless mass of articles speculating trouble in the paradise that is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage:

"Beyonce Asked Gwyneth Paltrow for Jay Z Divorce Advice; Planning Amicable Split"

"Jay Z & Beyonce's Divorce Announcement Might Happen at the VMAs But If It Doesn't? Then What?"

"Beyonce, Jay Z Marriage Problems Affecting Bey's Weight?"

There have been rumors of cheating, rumors of too much time together and rumors of just plain old “I’m totally sick of you and I can’t stand to be married to you anymore.”

And the rumors ran so rampant that the two felt the need to address these rumors and confirm themselves as a strong family in a subtle yet powerful way. At the Video Music Awards this week, Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy joined Beyonce on the stage in a visual statement seeming to say, “Step-down all y’all, we are totes a family, and no, we're not getting divorced — not now, not ever.”

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What makes this all so cray cray is that unlike other celebrity couples whose union has been the fodder for gossip, there has been no questionable photos with other lovers or evidence that there is a simmering discontent between the two superstars. In fact, it’s been just the opposite. The two have been on a worldwide tour together opting to join forces rather than do their thang with opposing schedules, and if that isn’t a sign of togetherness, than I don’t know what is. Well, that mixed with capitalism; the duo reportedly sold about $100 million in concert tickets.

Yes, they don’t just make cute kids, but they make millions by being together. Yet, there they are on national TV having to prove that they are still a couple.

With all their glamour, success and living life in the public eye, why do so many people secretly seem to yearn for trouble in their marriage? I think it could be that Beyonce, as we perceive her, is just too damn happy. She’s beautiful, talented, doing what she loves, is with the man she loves, and the two have what looks like a loving and sweet family. But being a celebrity of her caliber raises her to the level of a demi-god. But she’s just a woman, who happens to be living a pretty spectacular existence.

Let us respect the fact that Beyonce’s life is as important as ours and try to not fabricate trouble in a marriage.

There is a mug that totally sold out on Etsy (but more are being made) that says, "You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce." This just brings that point home. She is human. She is one of us. You wouldn’t want to have people say those things about your marriage would you? Or your friend’s marriage? Or your neighbor’s marriage? Especially if there was no proof. Sure there was that whole elevator thing, but that was between Beyonce’s sister and Jay-Z, not between Beyonce and Jay-Z. And as Beyonce quipped, "Of course sometimes s**t goes down when it's a billion dollars on the elevator."

Celebrities, be them A-list to D-list, cannot escape scrutiny in regards to their personal lives. We’ve seen this before, and we’ll see it again. Elizabeth Lesser, author and cofounder of the Omega Institute, spoke of this connection people seek from a star’s troubles, "When a celebrity falls, we take some sort of comfort in it because it proves ... everyone suffers in life. When they fall, it's like, 'See? My life is important too.'"

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Yes, your life is as important as Beyonce’s. My life is as important as Beyonce’s. Now let us respect the fact that Beyonce’s life is as important as ours and try to not fabricate trouble in a marriage when we have no proof that there is. Plus she has a young daughter — the adorable Blue Ivy — who will someday be able to Google her uber famous mom and dad and read all this stuff. At least she knows the truth, since she is living it!

Do you click on stories about celebrity rumors or do you wait for when the real facts come to light?

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