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Summer Bucket List: Brittany Minor

People always think that because my husband and I live in Florida we should ALWAYS be at the beach. I wish. Oh, how I wish. I’m a beach snob and have yet to find one in my area that I deem worth trekking to. Last year, we passed on taking our then 6-month-old daughter to the beach because, you know ... she was too young, it was too hot, first-time-parents paranoia, etc. But this year, I wasn’t going to let the summer get away from us without taking our toddler to the beach. And so we went. We rented a car, packed it up and had a glorious time at the beach. Our girl had such an amazing time and my husband and I felt like the best parents in the world for being able to give her that experience.

Where you can find Brittany: Clumps of Mascara

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