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Summer Bucket List: Marsha Takeda-Morrison

What did I cross off my summer bucket list? Making a good bloody mary. Notice I didn't say "perfect" — I used store-bought mix as opposed to making my own juice. That would require the strenuous chopping of tomatoes and herbs, something that won’t happen until I get to my life's bucket list item — having a personal assistant.

Bloody marys are my favorite drink. Mainly because they taste fantastic but also because it’s like having a salad with your cocktail every time, which is pretty healthy, right? So really, having a bloody mary is like doing cross-fit or having a colon cleanse. I think.

I put together this bloody mary bar when I had family and friends over for a summer party — ice-cold vodka, a couple of good mixes (I asked my Facebook friends for their favorites), celery and carrot sticks, peppers, pickles, olives, limes and lemons, hot sauce, beef sticks, green beans and a killer secret ingredient (horseradish). I now make a damn good bloody mary. The best part: I now have all of the amenities to make my favorite cocktail long after summer’s over. Cheers! To your, uh, health.

Where you can find Marsha: Sweatpants Mom

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