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Summer Bucket List: Andrea Wada Davies

This summer, I was able to get focused and recharge through some much needed, quality "me time." My husband works and lives most of the time on another continent, so it's up to me to hold it down over here with our two kids. I work mostly from home and do my best to make sure we are all wearing pants when we leave the house. Well, just prior to summer, I was starting to feel depleted, drained and like I was losing my marbles a bit. So I waved goodbye to my 12-year-old son, my 20-month-old daughter and my champ of a husband and headed to Singapore (a place I'd always wanted to visit) to snatch up a timely opportunity to participate in a local comedy project for 3 weeks. I enjoyed long, delicious, chicken-nugget-free meals. I drank a buttload of sangria on the beach while dancing and saying obnoxious things like, "This DJ is changing my life right now." I slept in a bed free of rogue little arms and legs which were usually draped all over my face. I used the bathroom with the door swung wide open. And, most importantly, I nourished that creative part of me, that free-spirited me, that makes up so much of who I am. Yep, I got "back to me" this summer, and by doing so, I couldn't wait to get back to my kids and husband feeling reenergized, with a heart full of gratitude for my life, for my family and for my role as a mom.

Where you can find Andrea: Andrea Wada Davies

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