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10 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Should Be My Mom BFF

I was a dinner party recently and after a couple glasses of wines, with all the standard pleasantries out of the way, someone out of the blue asked us all a totally random question. It wasn’t in keeping with the theme of what we were talking about (I think we may have been discussing how well zucchini has been growing in our gardens this summer or maybe we were discussing how happy – or not – we are that the kids are back in school). Regardless, this particular houseguest hijacked the conversation with their question for all.

“If you could be friends with any celebrity mom — one who is currently alive — who would it be?”

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Told you it was random. But we all took it very seriously, weighing the pros and cons and what would actually be the most practical (or fun depending on how you looked at it) in life. There were several names that ran through my head: Bill Murray (yeah, he’s not a mom), Mindy Kaling (she’s not a mom either but she would be totally fun, amiright?) and Kate Middleton (because I am oddly curious about what a day as a royal would be like). But instead I settled on Angelina Jolie. Why you might ask? Let me count the ways – all 10 of them.

1. For the Family Travel

“We’re heading to Tokyo for weekend, want to come?”

“There is a party at our place in Los Feliz, come on by.”

“You simply must come with us to our French Château?”

Yes, yes and yes.

2. For the Instant Party Time With the Kids

She has six children, I have one. They would probably love some fresh blood, while my kid would enjoy playing with kids of various different ages. I could totally see her playing dress up with Zahara, climbing trees with Shiloh, reading picture books with Vivienne and Knox, talking Minecraft with Pax and asking Maddox how it is to have five younger siblings.

3. For Special Name Privileges

I wouldn’t have to call her Angelina anymore. She would be Angie, or even Ang. If we got to know each other really well, she could simply be A.

4. Brad Pitt.

5. I Could Let Myself Go

I wouldn’t have to dress up, do my makeup or my hair when we would go out together. No one, and I mean no one, would be looking at me.

6. I Would Help Her Save the World

Sometimes you just need that kick in the pants to help our community and people in need. I’m sure I would get totally caught up in her passion of helping others.

7. For the Clothes

If she happens to receive some clothing sent to her that are just too big, well, I could totally take those off her hands, seeing that I am far from a size 0.

8. For the Free Pass on Kid Messes

After seeing her wedding dress, with all the doodle inspired embroidery all over it, I have a feeling Angie wouldn’t mind if and when my kid doodles on her white leather sofa. I think she’d be totally okay with that.

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9. For the Name Dropping

I would get to say, “Well, my good friend Angelina Jolie…” Yes, that would QUITE the name dropping opportunity.

10. Because it was a dinner party, I was put on the spot and really, I couldn’t think of anyone else.

Who would you pick?

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