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These Teen Girls Are the Pick of the Vine

It seems to be a male-dominated world out there on Vine. ABC News recently did a segment on three young superstar users of the six-second video app and they were all male – Cody Johns, Greg Davis, Jr. and Brent Rivera (who reportedly pull down six-figure salaries by partnering with major companies like Coca-Cola.)

While I found their stories intriguing (and it got me thinking of ways to make some extra cash with my iPhone) it also left me wondering: Where are the female Vine superstars? I wanted to find teen girls who were generating interesting content and reaching a large number of viewers. This proved to be easier said than done — do a Google search for ‘girls on Vine’ and you’ll mostly come up with lists with names like ‘Hottest Girls On Vine’ generated by sites such as AskMen and Maxim.

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But after a little digging, I found these talented teen girls who are making their own mark on Vine with their funny, smart and often socially conscious videos. With their likeable personas, keen editing skills and millions of loyal followers, I’m betting their fame will last way beyond six seconds.

1. Lizzza

Just barely out of high school, Lizzza has 2.2 million followers who can’t get enough of her funny, relatable videos. Aimed mostly at her female audience, Lizzza’s clips parody everything from picking up boys to taking the perfect selfie:

2. Marissa Mayne

Marissa — one of the founders of Team BullyProof, an anti-bullying Twitter movement — is known for her humorous and self-deprecating videos, but they also serve as vehicles for the teen’s platform of self-acceptance and social change. She doesn’t mince words when she challenges her viewers to take her as she is.

3. TasiaAlexis

Tasia is just your average 16-year-old — a 16-year-old with 2.9 million Vine followers, that is. Any teen can relate to her videos about busting out the snacks after school and acting less-than-cool while out on a date. “When are you going to introduce me to your mom?!”

4. Princess Lauren

Vine star Princess Lauren (whose real name is Lauren Giraldo) uses her six seconds to sing to her 2.9 million followers about eating Chipotle and to confess her ridiculous Starbucks order. And like her male counterparts I mentioned earlier, this 16-year-old now has a corporate tie-in — she’s set to partner with Clean and Clear on their #SeeTheRealMe Girl Empowerment campaign.

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