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How You REALLY Spend Your Time Volunteering at Your Kid's School

Photograph by Getty Images

I think we can all agree that volunteering at your child's school is extremely important — to everyone involved. The teachers and staff need parental support, our kids need to see us model positive citizenship as contributing members of the community, and parents need to make a good enough impression in the principal's office to be cut a little slack when we bring our kid in tardy a time or two (or 10).

However, the reality of school volunteerism isn't always what parents expect it to be. Did you think you'd be cutting out construction paper hearts? Getting the inside scoop on all the school gossip in the teachers' lounge? Reading a story to quiet children who are listening attentively from their carpet squares?

Not exactly.

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Check out these five informative pie charts, which show exactly how you'll really be spending your time.

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