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Memes That Portray What It's Really Like to Be a Mom

Every mom has a poker face to hide how she really feels. But when it comes to expressing how mom really feels, sometimes her kid's face says it best.

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1. Not "The Bachelor"!

Photograph by Jekaterina Nikitina/Getty Images

2. Please go to sleep

Photograph by Imgorthand/Getty Images

3. How sick is sick?

Photograph by Evan Kafka/Getty Images

4. Wasn't it just Friday?

Photograph by Evan Kafka/Getty Images

5. So this is what freedom feels like

Photograph by Constance Bannister Corp/Getty Images

6. Never. Again.

Photograph by H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

7. Don't you see the BABY ON BOARD sticker?

Photograph by ThinkStock

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