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5 TV Show Kids I'd Totally Love to Adopt

Photograph by ABC

I watch TV differently now that I’m a mom. I can’t watch shows where kids get hurt or abducted. Or basically anything that happens on Law and Order.

And families! I watch TV families and shows starring kids with my "mommy goggles" on, sizing everyone up for how well I think they'd fit into my life. Some are so incredibly cute that, well, I’ll say it: I wouldn’t mind adopting them.

Here are five I'd totally let call me "mom":

Luke from Modern Family

He’s pretty much the cutest, right? (That's him at the top of this page.) As he gets older, he’s only getting cuter. And he loves his daddy. They do magic together, they tell jokes, they build robots. What more could you want from your fictional son?

Adam from The Goldbergs

Even cuter is Adam from The Goldbergs. His mom, Beverly, calls him delicious. I can’t help but agree. And he loves his momma – a lot. Even better than a fictional son who loves his daddy!

Photograph by ABC

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Maddie and Daphne from Nashville

Sisters in real life, these girls are a real team. They catapulted to fame with a YouTube video in 2012, perform as “The Stellas” and have already played the Grand Ole Opry. These girls have ambition to spare. Your house would always be filled with the most beautiful music!

Photograph by ABC

Andre, ahem, I mean Andy from Black*ish

Okay, yes, I know he’s breaking his father’s heart by changing his name from Andre to Andy. I know I’ve only seen a few episodes. But how can you not fall in love with this kid? He’s struggling to fit in, he’s struggling to find himself. I really just want to give him a big hug.

Photograph by ABC

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Mindy from The Mindy Project

Yes, I do understand that Dr. Mindy Lahiri is a fully functioning adult (a DOCTOR, no less), but don’t you think she could do with some parenting? I’m just the one to give her the tough love she needs. Plus? My adopted daughter I could share clothes.

Photograph by FOX

Honorable mention: Leslie and Ben’s triplets from Parks and Rec

We only met them for about three seconds in the season finale, but come on, anything Leslie and Ben produce is basically the greatest thing since sliced bread (hello, unity concert!). I’m pretty sure we all know how amazing these triplets are going to turn out.

Photograph by NBC

Which TV kids do you wish you could adopt?

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