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A Toasty DIY

Years ago, when I was unfamiliar with the Nordic winters, I thought wristwarmers were pretty useless! Soon, I figured I am freezing my hands off and gloves or mittens are no good to get my work done while staying warm. Wristwarmers worked better. It is now again that time of the year when wristwarmers become my best friends while I am indoors.

I follow a lot of crochet (& knit) blogs. I have made a number of projects using other designers’ patterns. There are days when no pattern or chart makes sense to me. It is like I temporarily cannot figure out how to do FDC or some other stitch that is required. On one such day, I crocheted this.

*American terminology used*

Yarn: Baruffa Merino Silk (Less than half a ball)

Hooks: 4mm & 5mm

Size: Adult women (Do check every few rows if it is shaping up to your hand size)

Pattern (Make 2):

1. Cuff (work vertically)

With 4mm hook, Ch 10

Row 1: HDC in 2nd ch from hook & until end of row. (9 HDCs).

Row 2: CH1, turn. HDC in each st.

Rows 3-23: Repeat Row 2. DONOT fasten off.

2. Body (work horizontally)

At end of Row 23, ch1 & turn to work horizontally.

Row 1: HDC into end of each cuff row. (23 HDCs). Turn.

Rows 2-3: Ch 2, skip first st, (HDC, ch1, HDC) into next st. *skip next st, (HDC, ch1, HDC) into next st*. Repeat *-* till end. HDC into top of turning ch. (11 V stitches)

Rows 4-10: Change to 5mm hook & repeat Row 2.

Rows 11-12: Change to 4mm hook & repeat Row 2. DONOT fasten off.

3. Finishing

Use 4mm hook.

Fold your work into half (V stitches will be in same direction as your fingers).

From the end of last row (Row 12 of body), slip st both sides together from Row 12 to Row 7.

Re attach yarn to other end, slip st both sides from cuff to Row 3.

Fasten off & weave in loose ends.

Turn inside out.

I hope the instructions are clear. This is my first time writing them. If you do make wristwarmers using this pattern, I would be delighted to see your FO. Happy crocheting :-)

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