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What Honey Boo Boo Would Say to Mama June

Photograph by Getty Images

Dear Mama June:

I want to say thank you so much for getting me on TV. I won’t lie: I love being famous and I love being on the TV. Some people think the show makes us look like dumb rednecks. I know that’s not true. The only person who’s making us look like a dumb stereotype is you mama. It’s you.

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See, Mama, the other day I heard that your new boyfriend is actually your old boyfriend and that he’s what’s called a sexual predator. You must not know what a sexual predator is or you’d never put him around your five daughters, so I looked it up on the Google. Apparently a sexual predator is a person who sexually assaults another human being. Many sexual predators are repeat offenders, often assaulting children, which is super gross because children are anything but sexual.

By getting back together with the man who assaulted her, you’re telling your daughter that she’s not safe in your home.

I remember when we first got on TV and a bunch of people wrote to the Twitter and said, “What mom puts her kids on TV?” I was so proud of our show that I’d think to myself, “My mama, that’s who!” But now they’re writing in to the Twitter saying, “What mom puts her kids in the arms of a predator?” I’m not feeling so proud anymore when I say, “My mama, that’s who.”

You have denied that your boyfriend is a child molester, but the records show he went to jail for forcing an 8-year-old girl to give him oral sex. That 8-year-old girl is my sister. By getting back together with the man who assaulted her, you’re telling your daughter that she’s not safe in your home. You’re telling her you’re OK with what was done to her. You’re telling her it’s more important to you to be with this horrible man than to care for the safety and well being of your children.

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I’ve always been proud of our show, proud of you and proud of our family. But now I’m terrified, confused and I feel betrayed. I’m not safe in our home and I’m not safe with you. Our show has been canceled because of your association with your daughter’s molester, leaving me with nothing. I’d wonder, “What mom does that?”

But even a dumb redneck would know the answer, “My mama, that’s who.”

Honey Boo Boo

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