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Kudos to Kerry Washington for Being Honest About Her 'Makeup-Free' Look

What’s not to love about a celebrity making news because she dared to go bare in public (i.e. without makeup)? Jennifer Aniston recently called it “dreamy and empowering and liberating” to have a nude face in her new film, “Cake.” Each year, plenty of actors are shortlisted for prizes not necessarily because of their acting, but for gaining or losing weight for roles, or generally looking less attractive on screen than in real life.

If that’s the case, I’m waiting for my Oscar, as I wear no makeup to work nearly everyday.

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Of course my office is a couch and I have zero co-workers, unless you count my 3-year-old, who doesn’t go to school on Mondays or Fridays. When I get back from exercising each morning, she’ll turn her nose up at me and ask me if I’m going to shower and put on makeup.

So, yes, while I don’t endure the incessant criticism of newspaper tabloid readers should I happen to retain some extra water weight or have a bad hair day — and no one will certainly call me “brave” for, say, going to the grocery store without mascara on — never underestimate a judgmental preschooler.

From time to time, magazines show photos of stars without makeup on, as if it’s some kind of a scandal or hardship. "Us Weekly" shows how stars are “just like us” because they failed to call in the glam squad prior to picking up a latte at Starbucks. Other magazines put stars on the cover and make it appear as if they are makeup free. Jessica Simpson once did it on "Marie Claire," and Lady Gaga did it on "Harper’s Bazaar." The newest barefaced celebrity to grace a magazine cover is Kerry Washington on the most recent issue of "Allure," although as it turns out, she wasn’t actually barefaced.

While she was applauded and ogled over her flawlessly stripped-down look, Washington set the record straight, explaining that while her look was, indeed, “no-makeup,” in reality, it required makeup.

“I’m going to be honest,” she said on “The View,” “because I think it’s unfair when we tell women they should look like something that’s not real.”

What helps is when famous people are a little more open about how they arrived at looking so impeccable.

Admiring celebrities for just being famous isn’t really my thing (sorry, Kim Kardashian). But celebrities who prove they are, in fact, actually kind of sort of like us in that they’re not plastic and do require some dolling up to look like a doll? That’s definitely my thing.

I don’t aspire to look like a supermodel in real life — the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition is not in my future (as my mom likes to tell me, I wasn’t even petite when I was born). But when I get dressed up and put on makeup, I do aim to feel like an enhanced (and prettier) version of myself, as opposed to how I look makeup-free and in various states of undressed.

The trend nowadays in celebrity porn (think "People," not "Playboy") is to see even grittier versions of stars being “just like us” as they post selfies to places like Instagram — except I’ll go out on a limb and say that if they’re really just like us, they take an average of 10-15 selfies before finding the perfectly staged unstaged-looking one.

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If you’re not careful, it can be a little too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of comparing yourself to beautiful friends and beauty queens. What helps is when those pals and famous people are a little more open about how they arrived at looking so impeccable. Ideally no one would compare their reflection to anyone else, but when some of us inevitably do, it’s nice to know that what they’re seeing might, indeed, be prettier on the surface, but that doesn’t make it more real on any level.

With my makeup professionally done I still won’t look like Kerry Washington without makeup, but it’s nice to hear, anyway, that Kerry Washington knows — and isn’t afraid to say out loud — that to look like Kerry Washington, it requires some doing.

Image via "Allure"

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