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Your Little Picasso

Photograph by Getty Images/Moment RF

I love MY KIDS and I think their artwork is GREAT, but what to do with all that paper? I have found three solutions that I have been using for a while to display and store their work.

1. In our mud room, we have a special area for the kids' coats and backpacks. Above that, I found these really cool storage frames at Target. You can find them here.

They open up to store art pieces and close with a window for displaying the current project. I bought one for each child and put them up on the wall above their coats. That way they get to see them every day and their projects don't have to invade our refrigerator space.

2. Another solution: An iPhone app, which I talked about in my Top 10 FAVORITE iPhone apps blog post. You can catch up on that one here.

The app is called ArtKive, and it allows you to store photos of your child's work. When you're ready, it compiles wll those treasures into a nice hardbound book for purchase. It literally took just minutes; I received my first one by mail last week, and I just LOVE it!

3. The third way I organize the kids artwork: I give each kid one "treasure box," which fits under their bed. When it is full, they sort through and pick out only the most sentimental items.

The kids help in this process and that way they are keeping what is most meaningful to them.

Some other examples of displaying children's art work that I think are brilliant ... check these out: here and here. What are your favorite solutions?

To life feeling like home!

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