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Giuliana Rancic's Tips for Stylish Working Moms

Is no surprise that Giuliana Rancic has quickly become a recognized celebrity and fashionista. Her fun, vibrant and sophisticated personality has taken her beyond the TV screen. From E! news to having her own show with husband Bill Rancic, she has become a spokesperson for various brands and a red carpet guest at the most exclusive events.

What is most likeable about her, though, is that she has openly and sincerely shared her life impasses and found ways to use her platform to help others overcome theirs.

From bravely facing breast cancer to struggling with pregnancy, Giuliana has gone through the most difficult situations one can imagine. She has conquered them with a radiant smile. We all admire her tenacity and honesty, and that is why I decided to interview her exclusively for Mom.Me, after Cotton’s 24-hour runway show in Miami Beach. We talked about fashion, babies and motherhood. I couldn’t be happier to share our chat with all of you!

Dee Trillo: What are your three must-have staple pieces for fall/winter?

Giuliana Rancic: A moto jacket is always great, because it can add edge to an outfit. Also, skinny jeans are always sexy. And a great ankle boot — they’re very big right now, so make sure to have a cool pair of those.

DT: What do you recommend for statement accessories?

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GR: I always say, like Coco Chanel said, “Always take one thing off before you leave the house.” That is very true, because sometimes we tend to over accessorize. I think the simpler the better. Just a couple of strong pieces and that’s it. Or maybe one strong statement piece.

When I’m a work, I focus on work a 100 percent. And when I’m home, I focus 100 percent.

DT: When it comes to parenting, how has your life changed?

GR: Oh, wow. [It] is changed in so many ways — but for the better. Now, I just have to balance more than before. But [it] is very fulfilling, and everything I do, I do it for my son. I’m not able to do as much work as I used to do before, because I want to be home with my baby.

DT: What are your three tips for every working mom?

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GR: First of all, its so hard been a working mom, so kudos to all of them. The way that women work and have families is incredible. These women are superwomen! I think the tips would be:

  • To learn how to balance things. When I’m a work, I focus on work a 100 percent. And when I’m home, I focus 100 percent. When I’m at home, I don’t answer any more work emails until the baby is in bed. And when I’m at work, I don’t sit on the Internet looking for clothes and shopping. So when I work, I work; and when I play, I play.
  • Don’t take other people’s advice. Always do what is best and right for you and your family.
  • Don’t try to be like anyone else and raise kids in ways you see other people raise kids. Because chances are that they’re just showing you the good stuff. But there’s a lot of bad stuff happening behind closed doors. You know, a lot of trouble. You know, there are a lot of hard issues behind closed doors that people don’t share. So you might look at everyone and think their life is so perfect and yours is crazy. Chances are that theirs is just as crazy, they’re just not telling you!

Image by Dee Trillo

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