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10 Signs You May Have a Latina Abuela

Grandmothers teach us so much — directly and indirectly. Sometimes we're aware of the things we pick up, and other times their influence in our lives sneaks up and surprises us. So whether you call her "abu,” “abue,” "nana," or something else altogether, if the majority of these 10 signs below ring true to you, thank your lucky estrellas because chances are you have a Latina abuela who loves you very much.

1. The first thing you do before cleaning the house is put on some music so that you can salsa while you sweep and merengue while you mop.

2. You feel compelled to finish every bite of food on your plate even when you're already full.

3. Going barefoot around the house feels so wrong.

4. You know a Spanish dicho for every situation, and when you remember the perfect one to address whatever you're struggling with, it comforts you.

5. An astrologer segment on the news and television shows featuring adults dressed as children don't seem at all odd to you.

6. When you see the way some people eat raw tortillas it makes you feel ill.

7. You own at least one ugly, old cobija and you love it to death.

8. Your eyebrow game is strong; whether you were born with them or not, you know how to make them look good.

9. Headache? Sore throat? Punctured lung? No problem. You just know there's something in the kitchen to cure it.

10. You know a woman who has a guilt-inducing look even more powerful than your mother's.

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