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MANscendental MANitation: It's Going to be OK

Today we are going to tackle a common example of how to tap into your MANscendental MENitation practice when you need a moment of zen before you throw something or scream like a wild animal.

Your day started out with one too many snooze taps on your alarm and your bare foot meeting a small puddle of dog vomit next to your bed. This was the high point of your morning, as everything went downhill from there. Your car wouldn’t start. You opted for no makeup and a half-assed ponytail, then promptly bumped into an ex-boyfriend just as you dumped your delicious cup of hot coffee on your white blouse in the middle of Starbucks and started to cry. It’s only 8:23 a.m.

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Yes, we have all been there, and we will return before we know it. The key to days like this is being able to zone in on a peaceful moment and get yourself headed back in the right direction.

After borrowing a cloth from the teenager behind the counter and mopping up the mess you made, take time to get yourself a new coffee and cry all you want. Then tell your ex it was “so great to see you” through a forced smile and walk briskly to your car.

Lock the door. Put on some music if you like. Do NOT start your car.

Rest your head back on the seat. Recline if you like. Close your eyes. Take several breaths in and out while counting to five as they flow in each direction.

As his hand gently caresses your cheek he whispers, “It’s OK. I love you just the way you are."

Remember your Top 5 from last week? Pick one—the one that pops into your head the fastest—and stare at him. Imagine he is across a crowded room and he looks through everyone to lock eyes with YOU. He smiles, and his gaze makes your cheeks flush a bit. You are both frozen in time, and although there are people buzzing all around you, there is no one else in the room besides the two of you. You want very badly to run to him, but your feet won’t move; you are unable to move because your body is so relaxed. No matter, he is walking toward you, very slowly. People acknowledge him and he keeps strutting—straight to you.

His eyes are mesmerizing, you have never seen anything quite so beautiful. When he stops, he is inches from your face and you can feel his breath on your lips. He smells like fresh linen and your favorite cocktail. As his hand gently caresses your cheek he whispers, “It’s OK. I love you just the way you are, and it simply is what it is.” After a gentle kiss on the lips he turns to walk away, but you aren’t sad because you know you will see him again very soon. You can still smell his hair, the taste of liquor lingering on your tongue.

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Take a few more breaths, in and out, counting to five. Now open your eyes and recalibrate. Smile.

This takes only a couple of minutes, and will make the most dramatic difference in your mood. Plus he’s right...

It is going to be OK.

Image via Daily Hot Guy

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