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My Letter to Sony Studios Co-Chairman Amy Pascal

Photograph by Getty Images

Amy, Amy, Amy. Boy, do we need to talk.

In general I write these clever little letters to public figures who have behaved poorly (Mama June, etc.) where I have a polite build-up with some funny ‘isms that really get the reader going. It’s kind of my thing, if you will.

Right around the second to last paragraph, I zoom in and give the subject a clever version of, “What the hell were you thinking?” That’s where I get direct and give them a lady like smack down for acting less than ladylike. But in your case, I’m going to cut to the chase. No foreplay needed here, just a smack down.

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Amy, what were you thinking? You are one of the only female studio heads in Hollywood. You are responsible for billions of dollars worth of revenue. You are responsible for thousands of people’s jobs. And you run an internationally recognized corporation and you wrote rude emails and racist jokes that now have been revealed for the whole world to see? I don’t know if you ever went to business school, but didn’t you ever go to high school? Everyone knows you don’t write stuff down unless you want 4,000 of your closest friends, a hacker and all of us to read it.

In other words Amy, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it in email.

That simple advice could have saved you from having to defend yourself from being a bigot (a racist rant on movies to show President Obama? Come on Amy. How old are you, 10?) Or that conversation where Angelina Jolie was called a spoiled brat (always interesting when successful Hollywood types call others spoiled.) If you just didn’t write it down, you wouldn’t be caught now with your email pants down and a very tarnished image.

You don’t need to be so rude, especially in print. At the very minimum, don’t think you are above it all.

I think it’s terrible that the Sony Corporation got hacked. And I even think it’s terrible that your personal emails were released. It’s a violation and a crime. I hope you catch the people who did this.

In the meantime Amy, you need some manners and lessons in email etiquette. You may not have asked to become a role model, but because you are one of the most successful women in Hollywood, you are a role model. This isn’t the boy’s club and you don’t live in a frat house. You don’t need to be so rude, especially in print. At the very minimum, don’t think you are above it all and that you can say and write whatever you want. Because when you do, you sound like a spoiled brat. Ironic, no?

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Right after I got married to my now husband, a friend of his accidentally sent a catty email about me to me. Instead of getting mad, I got even by writing about it for a national magazine. I wrote about it again this week on my blog Bad Sandy. The post is called, “Never Do Conflict In Email.” At the end there’s some handy rules on email etiquette. It’s probably best if you read it. Clearly, you’re going to need it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, but maybe you should call me. Emails can get you into so much trouble, now can’t they?

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