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10 Songs for Your Nochebuena Playlist

We all know and love the classic bilingual Jose Feliciano song, "Feliz Navidad," but it's time to play DJ and mix it up a bit for your Nochebuena fiesta. Here are 10 danceable Spanish-language Christmas songs from all over Latin America and the U.S. to get the party started.

1. "La Bala" by Los Hermanos Flores

Think of "La Bala" as the Salvadoran "Hokey Pokey." Instructions in the song have participants putting a hand on their stomach, rubbing their tummies, taking out their handkerchiefs, turning the lights out, giving hugs and kisses, and following more than a dozen other commands. The classic version will go over best with the older generation whether they still carry a handkerchief or not, but younger partygoers may enjoy the new version, "La Bala Digital" which instructs participants to take out their smartphone, take a selfie, and upload it to Facebook.

2. "Feliz Navidad" by Tito El Bambino

Although Tito El Bambino's "Feliz Navidad" starts out sounding somewhat foreboding musically and lyrically, the chorus picks up and even has a bit of a Gloria Estefan's "Conga" beat to it which will make you want to shake it, then hit repeat.

3. "Farolito" by Gloria Estefan

Speaking of Miss Little Havana, Both "Felicidad" and "Farolito" by Gloria Estefan are great additions to your Nochebuena playlist if you want to shake it.

4. "Mapeyé" by Cheo Feliciano

No Nochebuena fiesta is complete without salsa and the classic song "Mapeyé" by Puerto Rican salsa king Cheo Feliciano, or this version performed alongside Nuyorican Víctor Manuelle. Other Puerto Rican holiday anthems to help you get your parranda on include "Dame la Mano Paloma," "Venimos Desde Lejos," "Aires de Navidad," and "La Murga" by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón.

5. "Navidad" by Guayacán

Puerto Ricans aren't the only ones who know and love the clave. Add some Colombian salsa to your playlist with Guayacán's "Navidad" or Grupo Niche's "La Pandereta."

6. Pastelero by Guaco

Venezuela's tropical music group Guaco has a unique sound thanks to their willingness to wander off from the traditional gaita zuliana sound of this South American nation to mix it up with non-traditional instruments and genres, thus cementing their place as pioneers of what is considered the gaita zuliana sound of today. If you like "Pastelero" by Guaco, check out "Viejo Año" by Maracaibo 15.

7. "Eterna Navidad" by Celia Cruz

Is merengue what puts you in a merry mood? Well then, Cubana Celia Cruz's Christmas tune is a must. After that, cue up some Dominican merengue with Jossie Esteban y la Patrulla 15's "Llegó la Navidad."

8. "El Año Viejo" by Tony Camargo

Composed by Colombian Crescencio Salcedo and recorded by Mexican Tony Camargo in 1953, the cumbia song "El Año Viejo" is popular throughout Latin America during the holidays.

9. "Burrito De Belén" by Aventura

Ever dance bachata to a bilingual version of "Burrito De Belén"? Only Aventura and Romeo Santos could pull this off.

10. "Ritmo Navideño" by Los Tucanes

I don't know if Regional Mexican music is your cup of champurrado, but it sure is mine. Grab your botas and get down to "Ritmo Navideño" by Los Tucanes de Tijuana, or K-Paz de la Sierra's mash-up of "Burrito De Belén" and "Feliz Navidad."

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