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50 Things Adults Can't Do That Kids Can

Before becoming a parent, you imagine all the ways in which you assume your life will change once a kid enters the picture. Then when the baby is born, you can’t remember how there was ever another style of living—it seems as if talk of brunch, getting to choose the radio station in the car and deigning to think you might get the last cupcake ever again are all foggy, hazy, lovely ideas perpetuated by those in Hollywood movies or anyone smart enough to choose canines over children.

Offspring permeate your life like red food coloring in a glass of water, trickling in at first and then taking over like a noxious weed. They permanently stain everything in sight with their forever sticky fingers, whine about how you couldn’t force the rain to stop, and fall asleep the minute you pull into the driveway right before nap time, and then refuse to get into bed to continue sleeping because they insist they are refreshed.

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One dad made a hilarious video recreating some of the things kids do that adults can't, unless the adults wanted to appear certifiably insane—such as putting lipstick on his cheeks and forehead to look like a tiger and screaming bloody murder because he can’t get a sweatshirt over his head.

As funny as it is, though, he missed these other 50 things kids do that parents would be arrested, laughed at or institutionalized for doing:

1. Undressing. In public.

2. Picking their nose and eating it. In public.

3. Picking their nose and wiping it on something. In public.

4. Picking their nose and wiping it on you. In public and in private.

5. Hitting, kicking, biting, pinching.

6. Walking in on someone else who is on the toilet.

7. Walking in on someone else who is on the toilet and demanding to be read a story or fed lunch at that moment.

8. Walking in on someone else who is taking a shower and asking for their butt to be wiped.

9. Carrying on a conversation alone at full volume.

10. Singing at full volume in an otherwise quiet space.

11. Demanding to be fed.

12. Demanding to be fed anything but what was just put in front of them.

13. Throwing the food that was just put in front of them on the floor.

14. Saying what they just ate was disgusting.

15. Being bathed by someone else.

16. Refusing to let their face be wiped off.

17. Asking the same question over and over and over and over.

18. Sobbing inconsolably because the Christmas episode of “Doc McStuffins” isn’t available On Demand yet.

19. Hiding without declaring a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek.

20. Walking away from a conversation while someone else is in mid-sentence.

21. Tearing pages out of books. Especially library books.

22. Tattling (OK, adults do this, but at least behind your back, not right in your face.).

23. Peeing on the kitchen floor. Just because.

24. Peeing in the backyard. Because it’s there.

25. Peeing in the pool (OK, adults do this, too, but with a little more discretion.)

26. Telling strangers they’re fat.

27. Telling strangers they look weird.

28. Telling strangers what you’ve just said about them.

29. Telling friends and relatives what you’ve said about them.

30. Ruining every surprise. Ever.

31. Falling asleep in school, at breakfast, lunch or dinner or while in the middle of a conversation with another person.

32. Picking up trash and putting it in their mouth.

33. Carrying around a lovie at all times.

34. Eating white snow, yellow snow and all the snow in between.

35. Really, really caring who gets to go first.

36. Kicking the back of the seat in front of you. Over and over.

37. Sharing compulsively.

38. Announcing every emotion the moment they feel it.

39. Wearing costumes in public. On days other than Halloween.

40. Informing someone loudly and without notice that they are no longer friends.

41. Building couch forts.

42. Announcing a successful bowel movement publicly.

43. Bursting into tears when someone else gets a gift.

44. Needing Band-Aids for an invisible scratch.

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45. Holding hands with same-gender friends and strangers.

46. Climbing all the things.

47. Getting excited about turning another year older.

48. Kissing everyone with an open mouth.

49. Watching the same episode of the same show over and over.

50. Dressing for winter in summer and summer in winter.

Image via YouTube

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