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5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Latinos

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Podcasts can help you follow through on your New Year's resolutions. How? Well, did you resolve to exercise regularly? Save these podcasts for when you work out so you look forward to it. Did you resolve to improve your Spanish? Listening to Spanish-language podcasts will help your fluency. Did you resolve to stress less? Podcasts will make your commute much more enjoyable and relaxing. Here are five of my favorite, free podcasts in Spanish to get you started.

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1. Nómadas

This podcast from Radio Nacional de España (RNE) is like taking a virtual vacation. Presented by Álvaro Soto in Spanish, Nómadas ("Nomads" in English), talks in rich detail with guests about a different location in the world each week with ambient street sounds, a taste of the music, culture, food, history and so much more - from Aguascalientes, Mexico to Zambia and everywhere in between; it's a must-listen for travel-lovers who want to find their next destination or for those who suffer from wanderlust but are forced to travel vicariously due to a restricted budget.

2. LatinoUSA

Who doesn't love Maria Hinojosa? On NPR's LatinoUSA, the award-winning news anchor known for her work on CNN, PBS, and NPR presents, with compassion, stories and voices that resonate. In English peppered with Spanish, Hinojosa succeeds at serving up an authentic slice of life — whether beautiful or difficult — from the comunidad latina with a side of wisdom. This podcast is a particularly satisfying listen if you're bilingual.

3. Beat Latino

Host and Producer Catalina Maria Johnson transitions seamlessly between English and Spanish for a completely bilingual podcast that can be enjoyed by all Latin music lovers no matter their native language. Beat Latino is certain to introduce you to sounds, genres and musicians you love so much, you'll wonder how you lived without them your whole life.

4. Radio Ambulante

Daniel Alarcón is a Peruvian-born novelist raised in Alabama, and the founder of Radio Ambulante. The aptly named podcast (which means "Traveling Radio" or "Radio on the Move" in English), features stories from all over Latin America and the United States en español. Many have called Radio Ambulante a Spanish version of the popular English-language podcast “This American Life,” and it's an accurate comparison. Do you love first-person narratives which are unique and simultaneously universal? Check this one out.

5. Byte Podcast

Transmitted from Mexico by David Ochoa and friends, “Byte” is one of the most popular and informative podcasts in Spanish for techies which features commentary on products alongside interviews with industry insiders. Recent topics have included everything from mini-drones, automobile speakers, and apps to smartphones, laptops and tablets.

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