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7 Reasons to Watch ‘Jane The Virgin’

Photograph by Getty Images

A Golden Globe win confirmed what "Jane The Virgin" fans already knew — Gina Rodriguez is a star — and if we had to bet money on it, we'd bet plenty more accolades will be forthcoming, not just for Gina, but for the entire "Jane The Virgin" cast and crew.

If you're still not convinced you should invest some time in catching up on this series about a virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated, here are seven reasons to get with the program before the show's first season returns on January 19.

1. The episodes are available free to watch

You can see all "Jane the Virgin" episodes on the CW website, but since CW only prominently features 5 episodes at a time, you may want to use the links on TV.com to easily locate them. There is also a CW app available for both iTunes and Android. Both options cost you nada!

2. All the things you love about telenovelas, without the stuff you don't like

Based on Venezuelan telenovela "Juana la Virgen," "Jane The Virgin" is full of the convoluted coincidences you'd expect from a Spanish-language soap opera while somehow remaining believable. Crying is never overdone; in fact, these scenes are so well-acted they may just provoke a tear or two from you instead of an eyeroll.

3. Cast chemistry is off the charts

The Golden Globe award proves Gina Rodriguez's talent, but what you might not know is that even minor characters of this diverse cast are equally as impressive. However, it takes more than a bunch of gifted actors thrown together to create something special; thankfully the "Jane the Virgin" cast has that essential magic spark — chemistry!

4. Important topics seamlessly tied in

While immensely entertaining, funny and heartwarming, "Jane the Virgin" doesn't shy away from heavy issues such as immigration, religion, parenthood, and reproductive rights. Most surprising of all is that these topics are approached with praiseworthy nuance.

5. The Spanish-speaking abuela and surprising feminism

Alba, better known as "the abuela," is the head of a powerful matriarchy which includes herself, her daughter Xiomara (Jane's mother), and granddaughter Jane. In one memorable scene, Jane's fiancé Michael is invited to a family meeting whereupon Michael introduces himself saying, "Happy to be here. Proud to be representing the male point of view."

Jane's response? "Oh see, I wouldn't lead with that, 'cause that's not gonna do well in our meetings."

Besides this refreshing breath of girl power, we're treated to a relationship between Jane and her abuela which feels very real for many second and third-generation Latinos in the United States.

Alba speaks only Spanish and Jane consistently responds to her in English. These bilingual interactions ring familiar for much of the audience.

6. Cameo appearances by some of Latin America's biggest stars

If you tuned in to "Jane the Virgin" because you're a Jaime Camil fan, you haven't been disappointed by his recurring role as Jane's sweet, yet egocentric estranged father and telenovela star, Rogelio de la Vega. (The character Rogelio has a Twitter account, in case you didn't know, and he's just as funny on social media as he is on the show.)

But aside from Jaime Camil, there are plenty of other Latin American stars to check out in this series, from Colombian singer Juanes as a music producer in episode 8, to Mexican singer Paulina Rubio's appearance as herself in episode 9. An upcoming cameo by Spanish pop singer David Bisbal is said to be planned for episode 16.

7. The "Latin Lover Narrator"

Voiced by Anthony Mendez, the accented baritone of the narrator, (or as he's credited in closed captioning, the "Latin Lover Narrator"), is an essential and often hilarious part of "Jane the Virgin." Not only does the narrator get the audience caught up on the events of previous episodes, reminding us where we left off, but he provides insight into why characters behave a certain way with brief flashbacks. At other times, the narrator simply seems to be giving the audience a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge," which adds another dimension of humor to the show.

”Jane the Virgin” airs on the CW network Monday nights at 9/8 CT.

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