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The Ugg Boot Is Back, Says Vogue

Photograph by Photograph: Alamy

Did you hear that Ugg boots are back? We heard it straight from Vogue, so you know it must be true. After their heyday in the early 2000s, the Australian sheepskin boots were considered by many to only be appropriate for lounging or last-minute grocery runs. Now, the publication with the final word about what's in and what's out is hailing them as fashionable again.

Ugg was founded by an Australian surfer living in Southern California. His Aussie roots gave him a long time love of sheepskin, and was determined to bring this product to the masses. In the 2000s, Oprah hailed the sheepskin boots as one of her "Favorite Things" and the brand exploded. Now, Ugg boots are available in a variety of colors, from neutrals to sorbet hues. Feeling fancy? They have sparkly and leopard options available, too.

Before you go throwing on your boots with your ratty sweatpants or denim miniskirts, keep in mind there are a few fashion rules you must follow. Vogue outlined the trend with these 5 fashion guidelines for how to pull off the trend. First, no tracksuit bottoms. Surprise everyone by rocking them with a vintage dress, chunky knit, or even sexy fishnets. Another option? "A long white tunic or tux shirt, bare legs and the black Ugg mini is a strong transitional look."

If this fashion trend really is back, we're totally on board. It's about time we get to indulge in our favorite fuzzy guilty pleasure.

What do you think? Will you rock the trend?

Image via The Guardian

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