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14 Latinas to Follow on Twitter in 2015

Who's trending on Twitter? Who should you follow? Here are a few of the fabulous Latinas I follow and the reasons why. Younger, older, English-dominant, Spanish-speaking or bilingual. Moms, single and childless, bloggers, entrepreneurs, foodies … There's one of each. This is by no means in order of rank or an exhaustive list. But since it's all about spreading the word of what our fierce Latinas are doing in the Twitterverse, here goes:

1. Viviana Hurtado

Follow her for politics news and commentary. She bites into it and tells it like it is. Lots of live-tweeting at events when Latino and diversity issues are at stake.

2. Elianne Ramos

Follow her if you want to know what´s up with immigration reform. Aside from being a confessed geek she is also the founder of @BrderKidsRelief, which is a must-follow as well.

3. Susana G. Baumann

Follow her if you´re a Latina entrepreneur who wants to find out how to run your business, find seed money or get yourself a venture capitalist. Reach out to her and she´ll publish your success story! Tweets in English.

4. Qué means what

Follow Melanie for all things San Antonio, but also for culture, movie reviews and advocacy issues. She´s the ultimate supporter of Latino causes.

5.Claudya Martinez

Follow her to see yourself in the mirror if you´re a working mom. No-nonsense, this-is-what-happened-today attitude. A multitasking mom´s go-to handle.

6. Giselle Blondet

I follow her because we share a certain age and she´s a role model for midlife women. Giselle recently wrote a book about what it felt like turning 50. She tweets en español, and posts audio tweets like the one here. She´s as real as a celebrity gets.

7. Paula Bendfeldt

I thoroughly enjoy her travel tweets which she posts in English, although she shares en español too. She´s a fellow Floridian from Guatemala, so a lot of travel information on that.

8. Alexia R Ramirez

All things dinero. In English and Spanish, she tweets a wealth of information that is very handy especially around tax season! She makes finances sound sexy.

9. Andrea Minski

Spanish tweets for the fitness-conscious mom who wants more, ahem, balance, in her life. For some reason, just looking at her pictures makes me feel more at peace!

10. Lynn Ponder

Bilingual tweets by the queen of reinvention. She´s inspiring to watch and, as the founder of @webcitygirls, she´s showing us all how to evolve as your business grows. Lots of inspirational tweets and love for her native Puerto Rico. Also, everything red carpet in Latino entertainment. Wepa!

11. Soe Kabbabe

Keep an eye on this young Venezuelan mami. At 26, she's launched her own beauty website and tweets en español about belleza for mamis. A woman with a vision, she shares celeb mom beauty secrets which we all want to know! Remember her name …

12. Silke McDowell

The CEO of @growbilingual tweets about life in Philly but mostly about raising bilingual kids. Being passionate about the subject, I love her insight and tips.

13. Kathy Cano-Murillo

Follow her and you´ll find something to love. All things creativity, she is pure Mexi-style inspiration. Whether you enjoy writing, crafting or covering yourself in glitter and just reveling in being Latina, she is IT. She is also the queen of Vine!

14. Laura Fuentes

I follow her for lifestyle and lunch tips. My teen daughter is also a big fan. Follow her if you want healthy-eating kids! Also follow her brainchild @MOMables.

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