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Must-Watch: 'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer

When we found out that actress-mom Elizabeth Banks was directing "Pitch Perfect 2," the second iteration of the fun college singing showdown starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson as well as Banks, we were understandably excited.

Well, the official trailer is out, and the Barden University Bellas are definitely back—in an amazingly big way.

After a singing competition goes sideways, and the Australian-born Amy (Wilson) mistakenly flashes the president with a little something from Down Under, the Bellas get an official suspension.

The only way they can redeem themselves is by winning a world championship competition against the Euro-based Sound Machine, a group of German-sounding singing bullies straight out of a "Saturday Night Live" Sprockets skit.

"Your team is like a heated mess," says one Sound Machine member.

"Did you accents get thicker? Is that like an intimidation thing?" says Beca (Kendrick). "Because, World War II."


In addition to the verbal smackdowns and clever takes on pop songs, the girls also show that there's some heart in the hot mess that is the Bellas.

After all, it's not about the performances and the competition, says Beca. It's about being with all her "weirdo" friends.

Can't wait for the movie to hit theaters on May 15.

Image via YouTube

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