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6 Things Only Moms of Redheads Know

There are always surprises when a baby is born.

For us, one of the biggest surprises with our second baby was her red hair.

From the very first days, people kept asking, “Does her hair look a little red?”

And as it’s grown longer, it’s just gotten consistently more red.

Since neither my husband nor I have red hair, we weren’t really prepared for what it would be like to have a red-headed child.

If you happen to hit the parenting jackpot and get a little ginger too, here are some insider tips:

1. It will be commented on constantly. Any time we go out in public, I can pretty much guarantee that someone will exclaim over it (and share their own red-head stories, whether it’s a child, a granddaughter, or a friend’s baby). If babies are a source of easy conversation, a red-headed baby is doubly so.

2. You can’t mess around with sun protection. All of the members of our family are pretty fair, so we’re big hat/sunglasses/sunscreen lovers to begin with. But a red-head is especially susceptible and if you miss a spot with that sunscreen or forget that hat on an outing, you’ll be feeling very guilty by that afternoon when your child is sporting some skin to match their hair color.

3. Redheads are harder to dress. My oldest daughter is blonde and most colors look pretty good on her. But a redhead, especially paired with that pale skin, makes finding the right colors a little more difficult.

4. There’s some truth to that fiery tempered redhead stereotype. Our little redhead is a very sweet girl most of the time. But cross her and she’ll let you know in no uncertain terms that she is unhappy. And she is 100x more stubborn than her sister.

5. If you aren’t also a redhead, everyone will ask where that hair came from. My sister-in-law has beautiful curly red hair and a few of my cousins are also redheads, but since both my husband and I aren’t redheads, everyone wants to know where that red hair came from. (Also, that sister-in-law? She has six children and all of them are blonde. Not a redhead to be found).

6. The charm of having a redheaded child will never wear off. Almost every day, I find myself marveling over how cute that hair is. It’s been over two years and I’m not even a little bit over the wonders of having a little redhead of my own.

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